Everyone is great but not everyone has yet opened their God given gift box. You’re meant for greatness and nothing less than that which you’re doing chasing time every day. You can rewrite your life will and redirect your ship into a new desired direction. You’re never too old to improve; you’re never too young to try. You can change how you think and improve how you see things around you, develop a better mindset and start following your desired direction. You can love and protect everyone around you, give them anything they need to see them happy all the time. You can make enough money and have more than more as everyone desire. You can graduate at any age and live your dreams. You can become anything even a diamond if you desire to be one.

Imagine if the wealthiest was the happiest. Everyone will friend only those with enough papers and only certain people will afford happiness. The only solution to happiness would be acquiring more money to have more happiness. Certain people buy happiness and they believe that’s the only way, if it is then the garbage man is probably the saddest soul. The loneliest and the most miserable but that’s less than reality. The garbage man is the happiest and yet the most peaceful.

Have a greater purpose in life; follow the love and passion that’s haunting your sleep. Redefine what success is to you, financial success is not enough. Even the wealthiest need more and more. I understand that the struggle is at war and that you need to pay bills but are you willing to live for the bills. If you listen close to the conversation of people on their deathbeds, you’ll only hear regrets and fear of facing God. Most wish they had lived their desired lives and they believe they can live better if they get another chance. Most wish to hire someone else to occupy their deathbeds or buy more seconds to live but all the wealth they have accomplished can afford everything but time. You’re such great person who’s meant to inspire and motive. You’re meant for great things. You’re meant to love and be loved. You’re more than just an ordinary person.

I know you feel the only things you deserve are the good times and nothing less but that’s impossible which makes it all wrong. You deserve pain to grow and you deserve good times to wipe away the pains as you grow. You deserve a balanced life, you just have to learn to welcome and treat bad times their way as you’ve developed ways to treating good times. I know you want more out of life, I know you wish you had more than you have. You wish you can you do other things twice so you can do them better. You dream of better living, loving and better everything. In the negative world are living in motivation is the key to greatness. I have faith that I will help you move to the next level and start seeing life from different perspective. Motivation is the foe of laziness, doubts and fear. So be bold and brutal. Feed your soul, stay motivated.

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