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H of Spades – Life Changes (Reblog)

​"Life changes We keep going through different phases. Life changes. My skin shrink with every breath but maturity. They say everyone can change for better. I pray and believe everyone can but hopes are; very few will. I just hope... Continue Reading →


Take Charge

People love to complain about others who didn't contribute to them or kept their promises and I find that to be a very big problem. You can't risk your life to an extend of giving someone else responsibility for your... Continue Reading →

Faith Over Hope

My brothers and sisters keep losing lives while there busy trying to make ends meet. It's all because we have lot of dark souls who keeps wishing bad to others, hoping and praying that they don't succeed in whatever they're... Continue Reading →

Last Verse – Purple Wishes

​It all started after the loss of a soul that meant everything to me. I learned the foe of all greatness. He use to walk around my life with darkness in his eyes and I was young and naive, I... Continue Reading →

Know your worth

Know your worth 'I am happy' tells how you are feeling cause when you mention 'I am' you talking of your inner self. These are the words which are automatically internalized cause you're what you're saying and believe that you... Continue Reading →


Remedy,the dedication to my Akeelah If I die right before we kiss again, I hope you know your kiss was my favourite. If I die right before we touch again, I hope your skin never forget my sweat. If I... Continue Reading →

The hood

I'm from the hood I was told that I am too soft because I don't brag about where I'm from... Well, I'm from the hood where we vote for empty promises of jobs and not freedom. Because we turn to... Continue Reading →

Teach a boy manhood

Teach A Boy Manhood I was told readers make better leaders. I guess is the reason why women are the new leaders because they're better readers. But ladies don't exist like before. Relationships don't last until the door closes, it's... Continue Reading →

I’m a black child

I'm a black child I'm a proud black child but I've question to other children weather you're black, white, Indian, all of you. Are we still having the same goals as yesterday? Before our parents fix our tomorrow ... Before... Continue Reading →

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