I still don’t understand why people don’t respect what they mean to others.

I still can’t digest the little love others get for caring so much.

Maybe it’s because they don’t love themselves enough.

You need to know that you don’t matter,

You don’t matter to anyone but yourself.

Stop thinking that you matter to people because you can be replaced at anytime.
In a job places, you can get fired today and someone gets hired next hour.

In a relationship, you get dumped today and someone occupies your bedside tomorrow.

You can tell the need of that which you’re currently in position of.
So it is advisable that you learn to love and appreciate anyone.

Because to be relationship where you think you’re the only matter is just illusion.

At some point love is just an acronym for legs open very easily.

A person can love you so much that you feel you’re irreplaceable

but never forget to love them that much back.

No matter the beauty or the make up,

they is always someone better than you.

A mutual relationship is the best bond you’ll ever find in this world

So if you find it keep it.

Even when one need your help,

just know that person can find it else where.
You’re the only version of you and no other

but someone else can do what you’d best better than you.

So don’t be a selfish soul, stop behaving like you’re irreplaceable.

Don’t mistreat anyone, treat everyone with love and care always.

This is the main reason you need to love and appreciate people.

You can give people what they don’t have to keep them.

But don’t forget,

What you give them keeps them not you.

Very few will give back that, as appreciation

Stop behaving like you’re the only matter

You can be replaced at anytime.

I loudly agree that Everyone else matter but to themselves.

So maintain your position in anyone’s life

because that chair is worth someone who’s better than you.
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