My generation

Always trying to reverse what is already moving forward.

We are crossing all the boxes the X-generation left open,

Ticking all the clocks as they talk.

We are not intrigued by the ‘Alpha and Omega’ but everything else in-between.

A realization; the core is within! We feel the need to get lost so we can find ourselves.

The ‘Born-Frees’ the ones who will die slaves to themselves.

My generation; Our legacy is in how we evolve.

We feel the need to grow old so we can reminisce to our youth days, Young, Wild, Free-Education is not a movement!

I see many of my peers making moves but they are not moving.
Keen to become the next big thing, but they’re always feeling derailed by patience.

All it does is deprive the innocence of time, the one thing that never lies.

My generation; Our greatest fear is letting go of the pen,  For it is on us to keep the black and white together.

We take turns to right history, erase it and then write it again.

We breathe life into twenty-six letters and an infinity world of words is what make us all.

In every language, and in every class of ’76, All the students who graduated the wait.

And yet, today, we find ourselves still waiting.

I do wish though, I wonder, and most of the times I ask questions. The Y generation, why not? What more has to fall for us to rise?
Building Blocks By Tate Stalwart