Have purpose

If your only goal is to become rich, you will never achieve it.

 John D. Rockefeller

People often say that everyone got a purpose for their lives. That’s just a simple explanation that everyone have what they can do best than anyone else. Everyone is strong and powerful but a very few of us believe that we are strong. People don’t use their powers and others don’t even acknowledge that they can do things which others can’t do so they spend their lives trying to do what they think they can do and had been done before. They is lot of things that you can do and no one will acknowledge that because you don’t yourself. 

So everyone should play around their lives and try to figure out what is it that they can do best and stop being inspired by other people because that will blind them not to figure out what they really can do and be. The worst enemy of dreams nowadays is not fear, is not lack of will or lack motivation or insecurities or doubts but the media. 

You know the media taught every cpurposed everyone that being a celebrity or being well known or being a musician or a soccer player or anything related can be their dreams and is the purpose which they’ll serve to the world. Have you ever thought about it, if we all can be musicians, superstars or celebrities? The world will lose taste. 

We watch too much of television, listen to too much of people on the media. We forget ourselves and the next thing we want to be is all these people we come across online or on the social media, because we paid too much attention to what they do and not what we can do. So people are busy trying and working so hard doing what they think they can and not what they actually can do, be realistic with yourself. 

They is lot of people who have achieved great things and they is still not happy with their lives because they were inspired to do that which they think will make them happy but not what will actually make them happy. So they start to regret that they’ve took wrong path in their lives. They is lot of people who just want to be on the news, be on TV and if you ask why, is cause they think that will make them happy. The truth is every moment come to pass and even if we give everyone that chance to be out cover of a magazine or on television or whatever they think will make them happy that won’t last forever to them or anyone else. So do things that you’ll cherish forever and everyone will remember you for cause that’s your actually purpose. 

You don’t know how powerful you’re and that’s the reason why you don’t have to let people tell you what you can do or what you can’t do. You’re stronger than you actually think because if you weren’t strong enough pain would have killed you long ago. You got a purpose in this world. As long as you’re still breathing you got a point to prove. God don’t keep people who have no purpose in this world because once someone archive all they were sent here to achieve God takes them. If noticed good people die and bad once are still given time to prove themselves and you might be one of the bad once who must change and serve their purpose. 

Don’t wait till you reach the deathbed so you can regret what you should have done, live your desired life. All of us are alive but very few of us are truly living and most people are ghosts inside their bodies, so people die before their real death. 

The lack of inspiration and motivation is like a parasitic disease. It keeps on feeding on you the host because you don’t have something that’s driving you. People can’t move not because they don’t have dreams and goals they want to achieve but they lack motivation. The best motivation you’ll ever hear is that you got purpose in this world. No matter what happens or what someone else say, serve your purpose.
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