People love to complain about others who didn’t contribute to them or kept their promises and I find that to be a very big problem. You can’t risk your life to an extend of giving someone else responsibility for your own happiness. You got learn to be happy by yourself, because when you’re happy people will be happy with you. If you can’t be happy by yourself it means you lost lot of energy and time investing your future, your life, your happiness, your love and yourself contributing to other people and by doing so you lost yourself in the process. 
Find yourself, know what you worth because if you do that you’ll understand that it’s your responsibility to be happy, it’s your responsibility to have a better future, your happiness lies in the palm of your hand and don’t give people lot of energy over you. I believe love is energy that we give off our hearts to another heart with a hope to receive such energy back. Once you give off this energy, you get weak and the person you give it to gets that control over you. 

The very tricky part about this energy which we give off and gain is the amount people share. People give off all the energy they have and get less than they gave. It’s part of the reason why lot of people complain when they get cheated and their hearts get broken because they gave too much energy so the only thing they are left with is their hearts. They forget they are responsible for their own happiness. 

Be happy because everyone love happy people and no one have place in their lives for sad people who are always crying. If you want to build a dream or build a better relationship or have better house or create a better career, start a company or whatever you want to do just make that your responsibility. 

The main reason why you got take charge of your life and be responsible for everything is that people will disappoints you. So move forward by taking responsibility for your life. People don’t want to move and it’s not because they don’t have goals, skills, dreams or talent but they want to be pushed so they can move and that’s impossible. 

They’re times when you must pick yourself up, stop crying and moaning of why things are not going your way and make things happen. It’s your responsibility to change your life, change your situations and get better because when you get better things will get better for you. 

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