“Life changes

We keep going through different phases. Life changes.

My skin shrink with every breath but maturity.

They say everyone can change for better.

I pray and believe everyone can but hopes are; very few will.

I just hope we all change into our own believes and stop serving wrong expectations.

It’s my reality that I’ve improved my love for those who know my phases. 

Life changes, Nothing was the same. Growth came through pain of love and losses, all that makes up a package of what we have to go through.

Time spoke and I inked this EP through the loss of a friend, the incarceration of a brother. I found love before I knew lust. 

I noticed who’s reading the chains on my neck rather my skin, when the real once never lost rainbow colours. I guess the real once really does exists. 

I’ve most of my experience on these songs, some were just too overwhelming to talk about.

Life changed so much that I had to make a couple of life changes.

Life changes, no new love. Just too much love rather anything less.

Purple Wishes to y’all.”

– Heartbreak Of Spades 
Hopefully this EP is something you can relate to.

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