My brothers and sisters keep losing lives while there busy trying to make ends meet. It’s all because we have lot of dark souls who keeps wishing bad to others, hoping and praying that they don’t succeed in whatever they’re trying to move. I use to believe mountains will never meet but they always shake hands whenever the weather change and the sunset so their shadows share a smile. If unmovable objects can meet what’s stopping your soul to fall for a change and become a better person. We always wish for darkness and less believe of what we can become. I sometimes wonder why? Why, can’t we all see the light ahead of us. If you ask many people if they’ll see tomorrow and have improved lives, it’s like you’ve put them in a project of walking through fire. Some people don’t even believe they’ll be successful in their lifetime. They’re others who believe in keeping secrets and you’d wonder, how will people help them if they don’t talk to people and try figure the effect people will have on their dreams and goal, even themselves. It’s always because people fear getting hopes of others up about what and whom they’re aiming to become because they don’t believe in themselves that they’ll reach those goals. So such people keep their dreams to themselves, they don’t even talk about their dreams or try to embrace them. They’re others who talk about their dreams day in and day out but not acting. They’ll tell you all their goals towards their dreams and make you picture how beautiful their lives will become but they don’t act. These are people who are filled with hope. They’re hoping that the weather don’t change so they can have better tomorrow but no one can change the weather. They’re hoping that they’ll wake up one day and realize that they’ve achieved all their goals and dreams. They’re hoping they’ll become doctors and engineers by the grace of God. All they have is hope. Hope of better tomorrow, hope of blessings and God’s grace but God only help those who help themselves. They’re hoping and hoping only. They have hope over everything, if hope was money they’ll be competing in the world’s wealthiest people or maybe made it to the Forbes list. But do you know what hope is? Hope is what you center your expectations on. It is whom or what you give the power to ,so that thing or person can serve your expectations. In other words they’ll have control over your happiness. Is the reason why most of you don’t make things happen because you’re hoping things will happen, your expectations are in the palm of someone’s hand. You need to take charge of what is yours, take charge of your happiness,  achievement and everything. You should start having faith. I’m not talking about faith as religious believe but faith in yourself. Faith is the confidence centered within you, is the strong belief in something, someone and mostly is the loyalty you give to yourself. Have faith in your dreams. Have faith that you’ll make things happen and not hope they’ll happen because they can’t make themselves, you’ve to make them. Faith is powerful as a believe, that’s the reason in churches they’ll tell you about faith in God. No one has ever seen God but we have faith that God is alive, we don’t hope that God is with us and monitoring us daily. We know that God is with us. You should do the same to your goals and dreams, starts to believe in them and have faith that you’ll make them come to live. Have faith over everything because hope is dark and no one loves the dark, everyone wants to live under the spotlight. Faith is as powerful as the believe word. Faith over hope. 
🌺I’m Salminah’s cousin, had to publish this to give everyone the taste of what to expect in the next book and mostly is dedicated to my cousin Salminah, all my cousins , friends and family and anyone who will relate.

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