Know your worth
I am happy‘ tells how you are feeling cause when you mention ‘I am‘ you talking of your inner self. These are the words which are automatically internalized cause you’re what you’re saying and believe that you are, the label that you hide yourself behind, that’s what you are. The question is, is that your worth?

We turn to live in the self-emotional blackmail, the competition of who looks better than their future in the near future? If you watch very close, you’ll notice how people with less always wanna showoff, they wanna look vivid than their real colors, yet those who really got it all are swallowed by silence. We care of someone’s opinion of us rather than our own. We don’t value ourselves but still dress expensive to gain respect while deep down within we lack self respect. We make temporary investments rather than permanents, we make guarantees with others but ourselves.

I was told to never judge according to appearance and not to scan read a book and stamp a final thought on it. I’ve never understood until, I noticed how girls wear makeup to look real than reality and visit the beauty shop called Photoshop before every post on their social networks, so hard to blame cause the competition of impressing is our slavery. They say black is beautiful only because is natural, so let’s live to express not to impress because average of everyone looks successful because they managed to fake it in the eyes of the public. Ask yourself, what’s the benefits of looking like you’re not what you real are?

We rely on people for our own happiness. I mean, if you can’t be happy yourself, who’s gonna make you happy? If you can’t love you, who’s gonna love ? Think about it, no one can help to love you if you don’t love yourself. It’s your responsibility to be happy and have healthy life because when you’re happy, people around you will be happy too. You’ll have powerful bonds with people because no one really likes unhappy people. But then do we value ourselves that much to make ourselves happy?

We stumble and fall for 9-to-5 so we can afford being at bars and clubs with friends. Selling our own dreams to help others build theirs. It’s so hard to understand why as humans we don’t realize our values cause even my father never really valued himself. He taught me great things and he’s still my role model but his weakness was the mini-skirt. So hard to understand why guys sleep with many girls and get salutations and fancy titles “Player“. Being skillful enough to get into someone’s pants don’t make you a player but a coward. You’re afraid of commitment but like how the cake look rather than it’s taste.

I’m not saying, you don’t have to dress expensive and look good, don’t compete to have what you desire, don’t wear your makeup or Photoshop your pictures, stop sleeping around for the pay cheque or what’s so ever you’re doing it’s evil, no. All I’m saying is know your worth and value yourself.

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