Remedy,the dedication to my Akeelah

If I die right before we kiss again,
I hope you know your kiss was my favourite.
If I die right before we touch again,
I hope your skin never forget my sweat.
If I die right before I reveal myself,
I hope you know you have piece of my heart.
If I die right before we talk again,
I hope you know your voice is my favourite melody.

These days my heart pace with tears and fear,
I wish I never loved and leave.
My heart speaks of love to be energy,
Sometimes I wish to renew my energy.
So I could…
Reverse my actions and contradictions.
Reverse the love and never fade.
Reverse the shots and never hurt.
Reverse the hope, reverse the goals.
Reverse the dreams and have no tomorrow.
Reverse the touch and never have kissed.
Reverse the time and feel some moments twice.

But, I can never take your tears back.
And I can never erase my wrongs.
And I can never heal your wounds.
I just hope, you find faith in forgiveness.
For I apologize for my misery, your sorrow.
Now I reminisce off the pen and paper.
I wish I knew the remedy for the heartless.
Treat my soul off to perfection and righteousness.

What matters most,
When the sunset and the down falls.
Pain got us growing and maturing,
Loneliness is our fear of losing one another,
But love got us attached within the sorrows.
Our hearts beat as one and eyes blinks too.
It takes courage to love,
They so much pain with the gain.
I hope courage serves you remedy,
Cause my apology is your remedy.
Now reminiscence off my smoke of sorry.

To my Akeelah