Teach A Boy Manhood

I was told readers make better leaders. I guess is the reason why women are the new leaders because they’re better readers. But ladies don’t exist like before. Relationships don’t last until the door closes, it’s even safe to celebrate one week anniversary. Love died and lust lasted in everybody as a weakness strengthen by love-lies and money became the new love. But everyone call it evil. I guess we are all devils cause we live to make evil, the money.

HIV and AIDS are the new flu. Sex is the new job, cause even strippers make better paychecks than 9-to-5. Men are useless treated like paychecks, doing women’s duties, the manhood is fading. Can you correct the past? Until you can control time have a chill pill and relax because you can’t turn back the hand of time. The state only care about building women into ladies, it’s hard to blame cause everyone believe men are dogs. Well as dogs we believe women are snakes. Reason why ‘we‘ always bark every time ‘snakes‘ pass by. You’d wonder, which is the most dangerous?

If you listen closely they talk of men who abuse women sexually and we agree cause we don’t know what’s happening behind the closing doors. We believe them, hoping we are protecting our mothers and sisters.  Well, the shorter the skirt makes it all possible and we turn to forget the weak point of every woman,the paper
I know we all believe it’s evil but how many of us have seen the devil? Money is not evil is just a paper with useful value, that makes our mothers and sisters go sell themselves to the car keys, cause where they is car key they is a paper, ironic. That’s what most girls believe and at the end, they sleep with their father figures called blessers. Fancy word to legalise prostitution hoping to attract any girl who wants to be blessed thus God is forgotten. Women will tell you is how they take care of their children, while ladies wake up to go on 9 to 5 with the hustle and others are pacing up with the world that’s moving so fast to catch up with their dreams.

Girls are the living prove of brokenhearts,broken by another fake fancy words, “fvck boys” who look better than their future in the near future. Attracting all girls who believe love is money , Love that give them fatherless babies. I blame the state for not building boys into gentlemen and girls into ladies because this new generation can’t even ride a bike since cellphones are new the bikes. Most don’t even feel “I love you” because they talked about it so much they don’t even understand it’s meaning.

I’m not saying the state is wrong for building women but for not building young girls and boys so to build new leaders of tomorrow and thus to reduce the so called blessers and fvck boys who are busy ruining the future of our country. The state needs to build boys into the future men who will take the responsibility of their children and thus no one should grow fatherless while their fathers are still alive. A paper as maintenance is not enough to be a father figure to a child.

Teach a boy manhood

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