I’m a black child

I’m a proud black child but I’ve question to other children weather you’re black, white, Indian, all of you.
Are we still having the same goals as yesterday?
Before our parents fix our tomorrow …
Before the world taught us only today exist…
Before the lack of paper killed the dreams…
Before our parents trust school program to be education…

It’s all because as a black child I live for the paper but wait till I get it. I’ll be opening clubs and pubs wider than a book. Opening legs to see what fits in to numb my sorrows that alcohol can’t bring out louder than a lude. I’m a black child and that’s how I was taught life, by my uncle at my early tens to get him couple of bottles so he can relieve tension. I’m a black child you may not understand but the lack of paper is my worst demon.

That’s why our parents send us away to get “Education” from people who only care about the paper. Neither do they love what they DO cause they were also sent by their parents cause of the paper but…
Are we still having the same friends of the same goals or we keep changing friends just to change again. It’s hard for myself to define the “friend” word cause I’ve least of them. Are we still having the same goals? I mean those we wished for in the presence of shooting stars, right before the false motive of believing school is education reach us. Education which is mistaken with knowledge to be the key to all doors.

Are we still having the same parents I believe we have?
Those who failed themselves and wanna live their dreams through us.
Are we still searching for jobs while everyone is looking for one? A tear is that non of us knows who creates these jobs.
Why do we live our parents goals? When we’ve been shooting stars since early age.
Why does it feels like we are living for the paper?
While we can have a breath for free and plant our own money trees from our own dreams.
Why does it feels wrong for us to follow our hearts? While we are in charge of our own changes from our own decisions.
Who’s gonna live our dreams if we don’t attend them? Cause we are busy embracing the lives of others…
I hope we don’t die young but gets buried older, cause that will only make us cowards.

Are we still learning from mistakes, while we all know what’s right?
Are we still lacking motivation to achieve to learn?
I learned from Steve that an Apple can fall far from the tree. As soon as it hits the ground and the pressure against the ground force it to sideline it’s self. Because following the society and trying to fit in, is the taste of mediocre running in every vein. I believe slavery is define in how everyone is surviving not living.

Are we still having the same mentality towards tests that we prepare for over night but still we fail the test of life that we write daily?
Are we still voting for job creations not free doing and domination for everyone?
Are we still having the same goals as yesterday? The goals to change the world for better and leave outliving legacy.

I’m a black child!!!

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