Happy Birthday

You’re twenty-two more alive
Libra an air sign symbol of a Griffin
Special taste of friendship

I love you the way you write
I cherish every line like wine
I adore every stanza like agora
I smile to the smoke of your pen
I enjoy every piece as caress

Please don’t put the pen down
Paint me till I’m out of pain
You’re such a bleeding flow
Bleeding words,your wisdom
A well ripen graceful bloom

I feel your essence through the ink
You tattoo my soul with the lyric
Today it’s your anniversary but
I’m empty of appreciation and that’s less
I’m less friendly I wish I can write too

I wish you less tears and no doubt
I can’t guarantee no pain, I’m no God
But I can wish you strength to overcome
Forgive even if you can’t forget
Use the power of ink to forget
Most of all remain faithful faith.
May you have faith over hope.
Have a very bright natal day!!!

To Mbalenhle Faith Msibi 😜