26 letters but U and I

I am so proud to have you
You’re the smile of my lips
You’re the sight of my eyes
You’re the palm of my heart
You’re my tears and happiness
You’re my strength and weakness
You’re my bright days and dark nights
You’re the love I’ve never had
You’re the unheard voice
You’re the purest of perfection
I can never go without you
I pray for us and our beloved once

I know life will challenge us
I just hope you stuck with me
When life has lost taste for us
Take me into your arms
When love feels old aged
Remind me the meaning of us
When no one wanna see me
Be my sight by my side
When everyone change hoping for better
Hold my hand and keep our faith
When everyone lose their loved once
Love me like heaven exists only within us
When everyone believe numbers don’t lie
Allow age to be uncountable numbers of us
When love hurts and everyone wanna be Godly
Be my strength and help me find myself

If you hurt me please don’t let me go
Be patient with my anger and sadness
I’ll still love you even with tears flowing
You can’t always make me happy I understand
Sunday is not always sunny, the weather is unpredictable
Keep me within the warmness of your love
If we share a smile please capture a picture
Kiss my forehead every time before you leave
I can never go away nor let you go
This love is all I know to keep
Please never ever leave me
26 letters and I only notice “U” and “I”