let’s make a better sin

My heart is fragile.
My soul is bruised.
My feelings are sour.
I don’t know I anymore.
I’m sorry.
I’ve turned out too careless.
I gave my heart away.
Right to the wrong hearts.
Hearts that careless of themselves.
They taught me no faith in love.
I’ve learned mistakes from the righteous.
I’m like love, I’m so unpredictable.
I can hurt at times, I just brake.
I’m so much more than smiles and joy.
Well I never knew so forgive me.

I’ve couple of them.
Those who wanna see me fall.
My smile is their insecurity.
My trouble their doubt.
I pray they live longer.
I pray they see our future.
I expect nothing greater from them.
Motivation and encouragement thus they serve.
My ladder towards greatness.

I decided to give myself to you.
I wish I can be yours.
I wish you can be mine.
pride need to chill of warnings.
That’s my enemy to let you know.
My feelings are drunk of you.
My heart skips towards you.
I’m afraid to talk too much.
I’m so much hurt of all this.
All this unspoken words.

my tears are for you.
these words are numb for you.
my skin could sense your touch.
I dream you knew.
my loneliness your world.
The cemetery never done wrong.
Let’s make the best sin.
The best sin they’ve ever seen.

I always dream of you.
I always think of you.
I always wish of you.
I always wish of us.
Your gracious is life.
Bless me with kisses.
Your love is faith.

Alex And Melanie