mommy to daughter

It’s so normal to lie because the truth hurts
It’s so normal to run even our parents did so
It’s so easy to hate, you believe no one cares
It’s so easy to hide you got nothing to lose
It’s so unbelievable you always run back home

Well home it’s where your infinity of love lays
I’m so glad you finally realised, you’re loved
Outside,they might have told you love and all
But no one is gonna do it better than mom
You’re my all,I’ll always love you no matter what

I’ve raised you to greatness and all beauty
But now your attitude is out of hand
All the respect went down the drain
All girls change when love find them
Regrets and tears will sharpen tomorrow

They should love you for who you are
But they are all looking for something
Stop chasing what you don’t have
Focus on you, appreciate this least
You can never have it all, part of life
Growth will teach the worst, that’s it
I’ve seen it like an ex, I’d wish you don’t
Start searching love, hoping it got it all

You put on make up every morning
I’d wish you know your own beauty
I know I did the same, broke hearts
Left tears like the east sun on the snow day
Well I taught you better but no love to ask
You’re looking for love but keep tearing apart
Chill my love, patience is the best ever, learn
Wait till truth behind it finds you, drop the race
Learn to love yourself and everyone is secondary

If he really loves you, he’ll come and do his duty