Nobody is perfect
But nobody is trying to be
We keep doing wrongs
Hiding behind the words of ours
Nobody is perfect
Why can’t we try to be
I believe that will be so Godly
I believe that is love and piece

We wrong like it’s good
We fight like it’s fun
We praise the hate and lies
What goes around comes around
What’s wrong with the universe
Everyone knows what’s right
Everyone knows what’s wrong
Why can’t we do what’s right
And try to be perfect to God
Let’s try to show God love
Let’s try to appreciate God

How many times should we bow down
For one same mistakes
For forgiveness of our sins
I’m not perfect but I wanna be
I wanna work so hard to be one
I wanna be the least of this generation
Perfection is major key to be Godly
Grace, love, respect, loyalty, and all others
Will always fall back to you as gift
Gift of your sweat and tears
Nothing comes easy
We can’t be perfect because we lack responsibility