My tune

The sun is flashing by my face
Melting my tears like snow
I wish it melted my past too
I wish it melted my mistakes
It’s so hard to say goodbye
When you still care so much
Only the music can save me
DJ please play my song

You’re the only heart to heal my pain
Can you play that tune once again
I wish you knew how it makes me
It brings out the storms within me
It flashes back my secrets too
It frees my soul and feed it too
I wish you play it all day long

Heavy vocals, a true touch
Rhyming with my heartbeat
This tune is my only hope
This tune is my only cure
This tune is my only life
DJ save me from myself

All by myself day and night
I’m dying to myself
Silence and tears my only remedy
I’m dying with this tune too
So much love, so much pain
That exits within these prides
If I could I would, rewrite my life
Only if I could turn back the hand of time
Goodbyes had never felt right at first
DJ save me from myself with the tune