Do you really care

Hello! I’m calling
I’m right at our secret place
It’s so dark, it’s so haunting
It was good, It felt so great
When you were here by my side
Now you’re away, days away
Swallowed by distance and time

I’m wondering if you still care
I’ve gave us away for little fun
I’ve gave us for an empty return
I wish you can feel me, I’m down
I wish the past can be the presents

I cry in my deep sleep
I smile in my dreams
I hurt in my holy heart
I survive by the crowd
I still smile you within me
I still care more than you
I want us better than before
I want to save this last tear

I’ve lost it all
You’re the best I’ve ever had
I’ve gave it up
I had no choice if not away
Now I’m wondering
If you still care to love again
Cause I’d love to
Everyday I’m day dreaming of you
You’re my remedy

Loyalty my insecurity
Regrets and tears my friends
I thought I know smile by tears
Until I’ve learned pain with tears
I’m getting served by memories
Karma has never been friendly
I’ve learned it the hard way

I was wondering if you still care
If you still care to love once again