The summers rain down
The rainbow close it out
I pray for rain than tears
I wish it rains within me
Wash away my regrets
I wish it rains within us
Just hide all our tears

When the autumn winds out
I watch it clears the trees
I wish it clears you and I
I wish it clears our pasts
I can’t live with that image
I can’t move on from you
I can’t move within winds
I wish it drys out my eyes
I’ve been tearing for long

When the winters colds up
I always wish you were here
I feel close within our pasts
I really miss your comfort
I always sends letters too
I hope you read my feelings
I miss your hug and smiles
I really don’t miss our fights
I hope this winds wipe them

Spring always come to rebirth
The garden so pure and colourful
The fragrance so emotional
I always watch love birds
I listen to melodies like us
I hold myself to your love
I ask myself and mute out
Why can’t we rebirth too?
My year is close to hurt too
I just wanna be close to you