I love you

You touched me like it’s real
You held my hand so right and tight
You loved me through out the bed
You loved me from left to right
You created dimples in the mist of tears
You fed my soul and embrace it’s light
You smiled and I smiled it was fun
I miss you Throughout the night
You were my sight I miss the light

It’s 2 am and you’re my demon now
Competing with the hooting of owls
I can’t stop thinking of the last
The least are the photographs
But they are not melting me No
They can’t hug me, I’m hungry
They can’t feed me, honey I’m horny
I miss you

I swear I need your body all over me
Hold me like you grab the Apple
kiss me like you’re melting ice, my lips are sealed
I need this love more than I want God
I don’t appreciate last night wasn’t much
Please come I’m too dry to wait any long
I want your love all over me
I want you and them tears too
I don’t care of how you broke me down
I miss life

I’m dying of insufficient love
My sin is giving you my heart
I’m heartless to anything but you
Can you feel me through this hours away
Cause right now I miss you
I miss you through everything

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