Dear beautiful

First sight never did wrong, always enlighten the blind love. A moment can never be created without waisting anytime. I’m asking for a minute of your 24 hours to go through this. I wanna express my heart and tell you how I feel, is the least I can do. Well I love you, forgive me if I crossed the line.

The truth be proudly told numbers don’t lie. I meet the greatest and non had that infallibility. Beauty is nothing compared to perfection of the heart. I swear you got it all, my heart never worked this real.
Smiles and dimples looks real on you girl. I know you gonna say they all said the same but trust these lips. I’m not trying to be different but best on the same page, difference never had standards.

I’m not here to be the first impression that last, I wanna last right here. Share a key, this heart is my new home. I’m not close to be any funny, I’m too real. Hope you can relate. I’m not charming,I’ve been changing to reach you, preparation. Dating never been my favourite game. Feelings dwell between two souls. You can’t tell me I’m wrong for loving, we live in a generation were all this is rare. This is too real got me writing poetry with no tears. Dating me is choice but loving is like tears, never lies. I’m not here to convince you. I’m only trying to expose my inner most.

I’m no Prince charming from imaginary island. My eyes closed I see nothing brighter than me and you. I’m so much into living and loving, my dreams are nothing close to mediocre living. The approval of my request can put those on smile like rain. Hold it right there, tell me if I’m not the one. I’m ready for your sorrows and to make you happy that’s my duty. You can turn me down and leave me in tears but nothing will change my love for you no matter what blinks my heart,I love you so dearly. I wonder if you feel the same.

Yours handsome