I remember when you first came
You said words and deceived me
You launched laughs and smiles
You set me free within the womb
I was a baby, you were my best friend
I talked through you and sad voices
Now time has grew me into a girl
You’re only here when is tough

They keep telling me I’ll be fine
You keep telling me the opposite
Through the night you’re my pillow
You bring an ocean to my ear live
In the morning I’m freshered up
I guess you’re an over night meds
You heal pain with more pain

I always listen to everybody but me
You’re always have been my treat
One thing I learned, you never lied
You’re matured and always ready
I was born with you so I’ll die with
My treatment, my smile and cry

I wanna meet the soul within you
I’m hoping we’ll make the world jealous
I’m ready to see the heavens within pain
I’ve married you with my sorrows and joy
But only witness you at my highs and lows
The power within you breaks the world
You’re the one who knows love better
No one has ever been like you’ve been to me
I just wanna be the soul within you
I love you