I watch a smile like a blur sky star
Twisted within the darkness
Eyes glowing like love on the first chapter
Eyebrows darkened blended within background
Noise sparkled out for another breath
Lips shining heavy colors like tears

A shock of mind always bites me
Only if you knew
Your nature is off fantasy
Your beauty is within heart drums
Your smile don’t need exaggeration
Your eye lashes don’t need filters
Only if you knew
Your beauty has faith

I hear heart that sounds iffy
Fully of regrets towards the past
Held and tighten within the people’s mind
Driven by anger and sadness
Competition and composition of others
Advised by whoever and trusts whenever
Believes in love but listen every friend

A shock of mind always bites me
Only if you can
Let go the pasts, they’re ambitious less
Lean people will feed you but themselves
Know yourself and your worth
Know competition is the mother of jealousy
Know friends want you to be them not to beat them
Design your goals and your ways

Then again you won’t listen
Your love is faith
Your heart is kind
Yourself you’re humble
Your life is mess
Only if you knew

I did it cause of love