I remember you
How precious you were at hand
We walked like we angels
We talked like we tunes
We sang wrong notes so right
We were the voice of the voiceless
We were lovers to never be over

I remember you
I loved you and you lived me
You loved me like I’m the only one
You loved me like I’m perfect
You loved me like it’s forever
You loved me like heaven on earth
You loved me with life to death

I need you and my life back
I lust your every touch like wine
I scream your name in my sorrows
With you I’m only getting younger
I miss you like the youngest love
I miss you like hell please wait I’m too alive

I remember you
You loved me with no full stop
Now you love me through text
Voice notes are never enough
Calls are just hello heartbreak

Now your voice is full of superpowers
Like your palm through my thighs
Invalid sight of the presence
Enlighten by the invalid past
I remember you