If your gracious is a way to life
Bless me with your lips
Hug me with your fragrance
Kiss me with your beauty
Stare me to my inhumation
In your eyes is where I found home

I wish you hold my heart
I wish you touch my soul
I wish you affection with butterflies
I wish you hold my hand and heart too
I wish you tell me you’re the one for me
I wish you tell me you like me for me
I wish our hearts could share a hug
There’s no better to share this feeling

I always prayed God
For nothing better than heavens
For nothing liter than Paradise
Now my prayers are like dreams
I swear on my beating heart
If love is stronger than death
Please spare me the details
I love you to death and back

You’re my sky and downfall
You’re my morning butterfly
You’re my night shining star
You’re the sound within my heart

If loving you is a sin
I’m ready for the cold hell
I’m ready for God’s judgement
No one is perfect but I found mine in you
I love you with all the smiles and tears

Dedication to my one and only Akeelah Duo