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Say Me Something Poetry Book is available

Say Me Something Book Preview

Hello,   I'm the lost piece of a puzzled heart and I hope with you I've found home to complete a smile. you're every piece of every dream I dreamed, the smile behind every thought i think. you're every piece... Continue Reading →



I saw scars in your smile and all these times you've been telling me you're mad, all I saw was the beautiful soul like nature. I wish you knew, I'm in love with you. Look me in my eyes and... Continue Reading →

SMS – I’ll learn you

Smiles fades within miles of no touch. Your shame so fixed hidden like lies. You remember like the morning alarm. Your heart felt, cracked and broken. You starred from a distance at help. Gasping for breath and out of reach.... Continue Reading →

SMS Book preview

...I'm so used to the twilight. My tears don't rush anymore. ... You is an Aurora, ...but your past too dusk. ... Any girl can be for me, ...but you know the difference. Anyone can try tend me, ...but you're... Continue Reading →

Free eBooks by Chad Duo

The First book I wrote was the short novel titled The Day One Widow, the eBook contains couple of my poems which are share here on the blog. Download HERE Secondly I wrote Purple Wishes, The Thoughts of Better Tomorrow which happened to... Continue Reading →

My View Part 1 Here's what every child is told, Study hard and pass so you can find a better job. Well Finding a better job is the first job in the sentence. My uncle will never forget to mention How he wants... Continue Reading →

No One Matters But You I still don't understand why people don't respect what they mean to others. I still can't digest the little love others get for caring so much. Maybe it's because they don't love themselves enough. You need to know that... Continue Reading →

Building Blocks By Tate Stalwart 

My generation Always trying to reverse what is already moving forward. We are crossing all the boxes the X-generation left open, Ticking all the clocks as they talk. We are not intrigued by the ‘Alpha and Omega’ but everything else... Continue Reading →


Have purpose If your only goal is to become rich, you will never achieve it.  John D. Rockefeller People often say that everyone got a purpose for their lives. That's just a simple explanation that everyone have what they can... Continue Reading →

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