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Free eBooks by Chad Duo

  • The First book I wrote was the short novel titled The Day One Widow, the eBook contains couple of my poems which are share here on the blog. Download HERE
  • Secondly I wrote Purple Wishes, The Thoughts of Better Tomorrow which happened to have touched many people and change couple of lives, is a  motivational book. Download HERE
  • Thirdly is the SMS which stand for Say Me Something, is poetry book but much touching and deeper than just poetry. Is available as preview, the full edition with drop soon. Download HERE

If you feel like my work is worth your sweat here’s Purple Wishes purchasing links. Feel free to email me for anything, hard copy order etc.

Gamalami (South Africa Only – R60) – HERE

iBook – HERE

Smashwords – HERE

May you share this page please, I’ve decided to give these for free just for you to share with your friends and family.
Thank you.


My View Part 1

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No One Matters But You

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Building Blocks By Tate Stalwart 

My generation

Always trying to reverse what is already moving forward.

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Have purpose

If your only goal is to become rich, you will never achieve it.

 John D. Rockefeller

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H of Spades – Life Changes (Reblog)

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Take Charge

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Faith Over Hope

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Last Verse – Purple Wishes

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